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Dec 19, 2017

Gift Guide For The Wood-Fired Oven Chef


As the holiday season ramps up, so too do the responsibilities and activities that keep us busy this time of year. There are likely still gifts waiting to be bought and checked off your list. It’s not too late to explore some fun and useful gift options for a wood-fired oven aficionado – or anyone who considers pizza and bread the keys to a happy life. From the practical to the whimsy and for seasoned bakers to the amateur (both in experience and age!), see below for gift ideas that will leave everyone feeling merry and bright (and full).

Door Mat: Right off the bat, let guests know what to expect when they enter this pizza enthusiast’s home with this lighthearted door mat. It’s also a great addition by the back door as part of the outdoor entertaining area.

Pizza Plates: Once the pizza is cooked, it needs somewhere to go! Just as fine China is reserved for formal occasions, pizza night deserves its own dedicated tableware. Plates like these and these make great additions to a pizza-maker’s kitchen.

Bread Accessories: The smell of bread cooking is synonymous with the holidays. Help the bakers in your life maintain the shape of their loaf as it rises with proofing baskets like these. If baguettes are a staple in your household, consider for your baker a traditional baker’s couche that gives these loaves their chewy and crunchy crust. Browse the many other cooking accessories and tools from Bread Stone Ovens that maximize the wood-fired brick oven experience and make great holiday gifts here.

Non-Bread Accessories: It’s not all about the bread and pizza. Most people don’t realize that with residual heat on a wood-fired brick oven, one can keep cooking for days. Roasting vegetables is an excellent way to take advantage of this. From tomatoes to cauliflower to eggplant, there is no limit to what an oven owner can produce. But a good olive oil is key and an olive oil gift set like this allows for the cooks to get creative in their flavors. The ovens make for great rotisserie too. Using a rotisserie kit like this, made specifically for the wood-fired oven, makes preparing a juicy chicken easy and delicious.

Cooking Class: Perhaps the food lover in your life has every product he/she needs. Instead, give a gift of experience. Every baker has room for improvement and wood-fired cooking classes are a fun and educational way for both the experienced and the novice cook to learn something new.

For the Junior Chef: It has long been believed that getting kids excited and involved in cooking helps them to better enjoy food and eat healthier. The holidays are a great time to get them excited about preparing food. Try some of these gifts for the little food lovers.

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