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Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Enjoy The Unique Experience of a Home Cooked Meal in Our True Wood Fired Brick Ovens

For Antoine Cantarel, founder of The Bread Stone Ovens Co., cooking in a wood fired oven is a passion.

Fueled by a long family tradition, and his love for excellent food, this traditional way of cooking has been passed along for generations since 1815.

As a traditionally trained Chef and international food industry professional, he realized early on the need for true wood fired brick oven. Our ovens are designed to be extremely versatile.

From a fantastic pizza of course, but also offer a huge range of temperatures and will allow you days of cooking with a single initial firing.

All of our ovens are hand crafted by traditional artisans using all natural clay refractory fire bricks all 100% natural.

Using a low dome design we ensure low wood consumption and superior cooking result every time.

With a single fire our ovens will provide up to 5 days of culinary delight.

Does This Include Installation?

Our kits are modular oven designed to be assembled on site. Every single piece of the oven will fit through regular 36" door opening. Our Turnkey Solution offers a fully assembled oven, ready to be fired.

How Much is Shipping?

You can call or email us at or (469) 484-4990, and we will give you a final quote depending on your zip code along with any other item costs that you purchased.

What Kind of Wood?

You can use any, but preferably any that has little to no sap. For more details, see our blog that goes into further details about it.

Feel free to check out our blog post where we really dive in to the choices.

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The Bread Stone Ovens Co. Wood Fired Brick Ovens in Dallas for home & businesses all over U.S.
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