True Wood Fired Brick Ovens

From the unique experience of a home cooked meal in a wood fired oven to the high demands of the food industry, we offer an extensive line of true wood fired brick ovens designed with you in mind.

Why choose our ovens?

- Organic Clay 100% Natural Refractory Bricked Dome and Floor Tiles

- Oven retains 50% more heat and stay hot for up to 5 days

- Use up to 25% less wood

- Versatility you can make pizza, bake bread, grill, smoke, roast, slow cook, dehydrate

- Easy Assembly with no cladding, no drilling, no cutting for DIY enthusiast

- Superior Quality Materials and Technique that will last generations

- Hand Crafted turn key solution

For Antoine Cantarel, founder of The Bread Stone Ovens Co., cooking in a wood fired oven is a passion. Fueled by a long family tradition, and his love for excellent food, this traditional way of cooking has been passed along for generations since 1815. As a traditionally trained Chef and international food industry professional, he realized early on the need for true wood fired brick oven. Our ovens are designed to be extremely versatile. From a fantastic pizza of course, but also offer a huge range of temperatures and will allow you days of cooking with a single initial firing. All of our ovens are hand crafted by traditional artisans using all natural clay refractory fire bricks all 100% natural. Using a low dome design we ensure low wood consumption and superior cooking result every time. With a single fire our ovens will provide up to 5 days of culinary delight.

Wood Fired Oven Cooking Blog, Recipes and News

  • Wood Fired Super Bowl Cook Off!


    This year as it was Super Bowl 50, we decided to throw in a fun cook off.

    The wood fired way!

    It was a tough decision with so many great entries, but the following winners wowed us with their wood fired recipes, and variety in their Four Grand Mere brick ovens. 


    1st Place: 

    Wood fired entree #1: Crisping up some wings!
    Wood fired entree # 2: White pizza, Pork Pie, Maple Apple Bacon w/spinach, Tres Fungi w/spinach, Thai Pie w/Kimchi and Jalapeño Popper
    Wood Fired Entree # 3 - A Margherita Pizza
    Wood Fired Entree #4-  - And our "Monday Morning Quarterback" created some Cherry Scones and Limoncello cookies all in the wood fired oven!
    wood fired cherry scones the bread stone ovens

     -Jeff, New Hampshire

    2nd Place: 

    The Fitterer's 

    Dave and I made baby back ribs for a super bowl party! We marinated them with a homemade rub overnight
    We then put them in our WFO when the temperature was around 225-250 degrees.
    They stayed in at the low temperature for about 8 hours. 
    We used a few pieces of smoked applewood chips. After cooking we put on sauce! We are attaching pictures of them after the marinate, placing in the oven, a half way thru check at noon, the temp gauge, and of course right before we were ready to serve!


    -Dave and Janie, Texas

    3rd Place:


    Lazy Cheese Pierogi (A Polish tradition when one does not have time to make Pierogi)

    (It was so good, no time to snap a picture!) 

    1 lb Farmer's Cheese (soft Farmers cheese not the hard block kind)

    2 eggs well beaten

    1/2 tsp salt

    1 T. melted butter

    1 T. confectioners sugar

    1 C sifted all purpose flour


    Add all  ingredients to the cheese and mix well until dough is smooth. (one can add additional flour to the mixture to make a more doughy Pierogi, 1/4 to 1/2 of cup of all purpose flour, this is a personal choice)


    Divide dough into about 8 equal parts and roll each part on a floured surface into a long roll about 1" wide. Place on floured cookie sheet, cover and place in refrigerator to chill.


    Remove from refrigerator and cut dough into small pieces 1/2" wide on a bias. (if dough is sticky dust small amounts of flour on the cut pieces)


    At this point one could freeze the cut dough on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Once the dough is frozen remove from cookie sheet and store in a freezer bag to be used in the future.


    Add the chilled dough (or frozen) to a large pot of boiling salted water until the dough rises to the top. (3-5 minutes or so, frozen will be a bit longer)


    Using a slotted spoon carefully remove dough and drain in colander.


    Add melted butter, salt and pepper to taste.  Serve hot. Enjoy!


    -Mark , Arizona

    Congratulations again!


    Here’s what Antoine had cooking in his own 950 B. Super Bowl Roasted Chicken Wings along with Spinach and Artichoke Dip.


    Bon Appétit!


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