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Commercial Client List

Over the years, many of our clients have embarked on the journey of establishing their own business with wood fired brick oven cooking. We are proud of their businesses and would like to recommend them. (If your business is missing from this list please email us at info@breadstoneovens.com).

Business Consulting

The Bread Stone Ovens Company offers business consulting for clients who desire to start-up a wood-fired brick oven cooking business or expand their existing business. Our educator, Antoine Cantarel, has 20 years experience in the culinary & hospitality industry. He is able to assist with all aspects of your mobile food business, restaurant, or bakery.

No matter if you need to develop a business plan, perfect your personnel management, create an exciting and unique menu, or design a logo, we can help. We take pride in imparting to our clients the keys to success. We also offer Commercial Workshops for you and your staff.

Contact us for a consultation and let us share our knowledge and successes with you.