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Jul 21, 2023

Customer Profile – Simply Pizza

Customer Profile - Simply Pizza



The story of Simply Pizza started with a food truck named Kate and the fearless entrepreneur who runs things, Melinda Carbajal.

“My mother called me a Jack of all trades whilst growing up,” she said. As an adult, Melinda describes herself as “A go-getter, fearless almost to a fault, I am extremely optimistic, and constantly looking to grow.”

Melinda said she and her sister always had the dream of owning a family business, and Kate became the catalyst that pushed them to take the leap. A passionate cook with a talent for flavor development, Melinda’s husband’s love for the kitchen further fueled their vision. Her own infatuation with the wood-fired truck, the mesmerizing lighting, the enticing aroma of the wood fire, and the delightful pizza it produced sealed the deal.

Currently, the Carbajal family operates one food truck and two hybrid container kitchens. However, the journey doesn’t end there! Thanks to their ambition, they are all set to open a full-fledged restaurant this fall, giving their supporters a brick-and-mortar place to enjoy their pizza.

Melinda says her favorite aspect of being a business owner shines through – the freedom to explore creativity – and getting to share it with the people she loves.

“One of my favorite parts is getting to do this with my husband and sister, my two best friends,” she said. 

Among her sources of inspiration, Melinda looks up to the women making strides in the pizza industry, defying stereotypes, and carving their niche in the business world. Additionally, the love for good food fuels her creativity, and she’s always on the lookout for new and exciting flavors to surprise her customers.

Melinda’s love for creating exceptional pizzas shines through the Calabria Picante. This flavorful masterpiece boasts thin-sliced soppressata, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, scratch red sauce, and a delightful finish with Mike’s hot honey.

You can find Simply Pizza all around the Mile High City of Denver from Kate the food truck to their hybrid kitchens and upcoming restaurant – or even have them cater one of your events.

“You can also grab pizza and Panuozzos at Something Brewery in Brighton or find us at the Denver Zoo,” Melinda said.

We can’t wait to see the delicious surprises Simply Pizza has in store for their ever-growing customer base.

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