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May 01, 2023

Customer Profile – The Pizza Caddy

Customer Profile - The Pizza Caddy

“When I love what I do, I work with passion. I have a source of motivation that drives me to do my best,” says Tiffany Griffin, the owner of the Pizza Caddy, a mobile wood fired pizza oven trailer that has operated around the DFW area for the last five months- and many more months to come.

When asked what motivated her to start her own business, she said she always wanted something to fall back on and didn’t see herself working for “Corporate America” for her whole life. She also hopes to use the business to bring generational wealth for her children and grandchildren, who can build off the brand.

Tiffany said she saw her first wood fired pizza oven back in 2008 and knew she wanted one, but wasn’t financially ready for it. 

“I always thought back to that day and said if I ever get the money, I would purchase one for myself. I love cooking and pizza is my absolute favorite, so why not bring the two together? It’s different and stands out from the rest. It’s fun, a conversation starter and it’s sexy.” 

She says her favorite thing about being a business owner is the independent lifestyle it brings. She hopes that growing enough to be able to purchase a fully outfitted enclosed trailer will help her expand her business.

She is able to draw inspiration and motivation to keep facing challenges and growing her business thanks to the people she serves. 

“They give us so many compliments,” she said. “It makes me want to keep going and go harder to be the best tasting mobile wood oven pizza maker.” 

Her favorite pizza to make is a Cheesesteak Pizza, which has a white sauce base with shaved steak, vegetables, fries and a drizzle of ranch dressing. 

“It’s a Pittsburgh thing,” she said.

The Pizza Caddy is also available for private events. See more on their website: 

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