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Nov 03, 2014

“Chacun Son Pain” Boulangerie

"Chacun Son Pain" Boulangerie

A Chacun Son Pain Bakery in Beaupré, Quebec Canada

A Chacun Son Pain is a beautiful bakery nestled in Beaupré, Québec which is the work of Jonathan and Jean Christophe. I would like to shed some light and recognize their fantastic work in their unique bakery. A humble shop from which aromas of fresh baked bread and viennoiserie fill the air and welcome all those who visit with a warm embrace.  Offering a variety of fresh breads, delicious pastries, wood fired oven pizzas, and the feel of a small town bakery.

For their handcrafted pizza,  they have selected Bread Stone Ovens’ 1030 C wood fired brick oven. It is well known for its low wood consumption, and superior and even cooking results.

A Chacun Son Pain Bakery Wood-Fired Oven

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