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May 21, 2015

Ash Box, Tool Rack, and Front Shelf: How A Few Details Make the Difference

We are often asked “What else do you recommend with our oven?”

When we build an oven, we have you – our customer – in mind. We ask ourselves, what would make cooking in a wood-fired oven more convenient?

Our metal stand was designed and built to answer this very question.

So we built it to be very heavy duty and long lasting. But we also added a Front Shelf, an Ash Box, and a Tool Rack.

The Front Shelf is not just 6″ of granite there to look pretty. It is 12″ deep by 36″ wide and can be used to set heavy dishes, condiments, tools, and much more. Best of all it has an opening for the ash box.



The Ash Box is one of the most convenient details of our Turnkey ovens and we are the only company to offer it. When it is time to clean out the ashes and embers from your oven, shoveling them out can be tiring. If it is windy, they go everywhere. If they’re still hot, it is easy to end up with embers on the floor and risk starting a fire, or someone getting burned.

With our ash box, you simply remove the cover from the front shelf and rake the ashes and embers right out of the oven into the ash box. It is fast and they can safely cool off before being disposed of. The ash box has 2 handles and is removable, making it convenient for emptying.


The Tool Rack has been a huge success. Nothing more frustrating than your tools falling in a domino effect on the floor, just as you need to get that pizza out before it burns. The tool rack can hold up to 5 tools right next to your oven and allows you to keep them organized. It is fully removable and easy to clean.

So when you are considering a permanent oven installation or one of our Turnkey ovens, those are 3 important details you should consider.


Antoine Cantarel

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