True Wood Fired Brick Ovens

From the unique experience of a home cooked meal in a wood fired oven to the high demands of the food industry, we offer an extensive line of true wood fired brick ovens designed with you in mind.

Why choose our ovens?

- Organic Clay 100% Natural Refractory Bricked Dome and Floor Tiles

- Oven retains 50% more heat and stay hot for up to 5 days

- Use up to 25% less wood

- Versatility you can make pizza, bake bread, grill, smoke, roast, slow cook, dehydrate

- Easy Assembly with no cladding, no drilling, no cutting for DIY enthusiast

- Superior Quality Materials and Technique that will last generations

- Hand Crafted turn key solution

For Antoine Cantarel, founder of The Bread Stone Ovens Co., cooking in a wood fired oven is a passion. Fueled by a long family tradition, and his love for excellent food, this traditional way of cooking has been passed along for generations since 1815. As a traditionally trained Chef and international food industry professional, he realized early on the need for true wood fired brick oven. Our ovens are designed to be extremely versatile. From a fantastic pizza of course, but also offer a huge range of temperatures and will allow you days of cooking with a single initial firing. All of our ovens are hand crafted by traditional artisans using all natural clay refractory fire bricks all 100% natural. Using a low dome design we ensure low wood consumption and superior cooking result every time. With a single fire our ovens will provide up to 5 days of culinary delight.

Wood Fired Oven Cooking Blog, Recipes and News

  • Whole Pig Roasted in a Wood Fired Brick Oven

    For long time now I have been dreaming of cooking a whole pig in a wood fired brick oven.

    It turned out that very few information can be found on how to do it in a wood fired oven. So i reached out to some of our customer who had tried it, called local butchers and search the internet for any available information. From there I established the process and put it to execution.

    What you will need


    A large cooler

    A large pan


    A whole pig

    1.5 liter of white wine   

    15 oz of Sea Salt

    3 tbsp of fresh ground peppercorn

    6 Bay leaves

    3 large onions chopped

    3 large carrots chopped

    Hand full of garlic cloves

    5 branches of sage

    Olive oil

    20 lbs of ice

    Celery stalk

    3 Rosemary branch

    5 branches of thyme


    36 to 48 hours in advance:

    Brine- In a 5 gallon pot of water put 10 oz of salt to dissolve.

    Put the pig in a large enough cooler to be submerged in water and ice, and pour brine water over the pig. Add 1.5 liter of white wine, the salted water and the fresh crushed peppercorn.

    Let it marinate for 36 to 48 hours. Check every 8 hours that there is enough ice.

    The day before:

    Soak 2 pounds of hickory, apple, or cherry wood chips in water to be ready after brine.

    The day of:

    Take the pig out of ice bath, drain it and dry it with a towel.

    For the inside cavity rub olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Then place the bay leaves, chopped onion, crushed garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, carrot and celery. Sow it up to seal in flavor

    Place the pig face down in the pan.

    Rub the outside of the pig with crushed pepper, sea salt and olive oil.


    Fire up oven:

    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees, and prepare the bed of embers. Put embers to the side with the soaked wood chips over embers, and loosely cover the pig with foil 

    Once the pig is in the oven, seal the insulated door, and close the cast iron door as well as the damper.

    Let the pig smoke for 6-7 hours.  (Approximately 1 hour for every 10 pounds)

    The last hour, if you want the skin to be crispy make a small fire while keeping the foil on.

    The pig should reach internal temperature of 155 F


    Once the pig is cooked and removed from the oven, let it rest 20-30 minutes before cutting into it. 


    Bon Appètit,



    Other useful information:

    - count 1,5 lbs per guest.In most cases the butcher will give you a price and weight that is for the animal before it is gutted. No worries, when you pick-it-up it will be all gutted and clean

    - a 60 to 70 pound pig laying flat will be about 44" long. But you can laying it with the back legs folded under the rib cage and it will be under 36"

    - to be scared to cook the pig longer. With the brick oven holding the heat and moisture in the air, the meat will remain very juicy

    - the smoke flavor will be very delicate and subtle as the skin of the pig will shield the meat

    - the skin will be very thick and crispy. Make sure you have a good knife to cut through it.



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