Customer Profile: Cheezy's Woodfired Pizza

by Nikki Culver on December 08, 2023



In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, Cheezy's Wood Fired Pizza has become a beacon of savory delight for pizza enthusiasts. Behind the flames and the perfectly crisped crust stands Kyle Layne and Francesco Soltera, the ambitious and goal-oriented duo with a passion for wood-fired pizza.

Kyle Layne describes this pair in two words: ambitious and goal-oriented. These traits are not just a reflection of his personality but the driving force behind the inception of Cheezy's Wood Fired Pizza. The spark that ignited their entrepreneurial spirit? The desire to break free from the confines of working for others and witnessing success fueled by their hard work behind the scenes.

According to Kyle, Cheezy's started as BBQ masters, and the allure of wood-fired pizza always lingered in the background. The combination of their culinary expertise and the smoky charm of wood-fired cooking led them to venture into the realm of mobile wood-fired pizza trailers.

Currently, Cheezy's operates two mobile wood-fired pizza trailers, with ambitious plans to expand. Kyle and Francesco envisions the opening of a restaurant next November, signaling the next chapter in Cheezy's growth story.

One of the most cherished aspects of being a business owner for Kyle is the ability to make his own hours and, of course, his own money. This autonomy allows him to shape Cheezy's destiny and steer the course of the business according to his vision.

Cheezy's Wood Fired Pizza has been serving up slices of happiness for two years. In this relatively short span, Kyle and Francesco have managed to create a brand that stands out in the competitive pizza landscape.

What inspires Kyle? It's the simple yet profound idea of leaving something lasting for his family. Beyond the sizzle of the wood-fired ovens and the aroma of melting cheese, Cheezy's represents a legacy in the making—a testament to their dedication to their loved ones.

When asked about his favorite pizza to make, Kyle doesn't hesitate to declare his love for the Margherita. It's a classic choice that reflects his commitment to perfecting the fundamentals of pizza craftsmanship.

They cater events, vend at various locations, and call Phoenix, Arizona, their home. The versatility in their approach ensures that Cheezy's is not just a destination but a dynamic culinary experience that can be enjoyed wherever the wood-fired ovens roll.

Cheezy's Wood Fired Pizza is more than a pizza joint—it's a passion project, a family legacy, and a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Kyle Layne and Francesco Soltera . As they embark on the journey to open a restaurant and explore new horizons, one thing is certain: the flame of Cheezy's will continue to burn bright, leaving a trail of satisfied taste buds in its wake.


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