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Jul 17, 2015

Wood-Fired Brick Oven Heat Retention

Wood-Fired Brick Oven Heat Retention
 Wood-Fired Brick Oven
You may have wondered how, and why our ovens retain heat so well. Here are just a few reasons they retain heat so long, making our ovens one of a kind.
You can bring the oven to over 1200° F if you would like but in most cases any food will instantly burn above 1000° F.
What allows the oven to retain its heat so well, that it takes 4-5 days to cool off? 
The Shape
Round Low Dome Wood-Fired Oven
A specially-designed round form. 
Round and low. The shape ensures perfect uniform cooking and efficient heat radiation, as the dome is close to the food.
  • Perfect shape to make Neapolitan-style pizza.
  • Looking for more height to bake larger dishes? We offer a raised option that increases the dome and door height by 3″.
The Floor
We place 1.25″ refractory clay baker tiles on a 2″ refractory concrete bed to allow greater thermal mass and ensure superior cooking.
Not only is it safer to cook food directly on, but the refractory clay is known for its resistance to thermal shock and exceptional thermal characteristics.
Floor Insulation
Our ovens come standard with ceramic fiber board. It is very easy to install: just cut to the desired dimensions and set the oven right over it. No messy cement and vermiculite to mix, and no waiting until it sets!
Brick Dome
For its natural beauty and exceptional thermal characteristics, the fully bricked dome makes our oven 25% more efficient than a regular concrete dome.
Dome Insulation
Our ovens come standard with 3″ ceramic fiber blanket. It is the highest-rated and safest insulation available on the market, and it is quick and easy to install. Don’t settle for the complicated, hard to install vermiculite or grog to save a few extra bucks – the ceramic fiber blanket is worth the money.
Insulated Door
A  unique feature that allows you to cook with a closed door while retaining all the heat and steam.
Flue Connector with Damper
The damper allows you to control the smoke exhaust which, used in combination with the cast iron door, creates an insulating chamber to keep your oven hot longer. The damper also allows you to smoke food in the oven. 
These are all reasons our ovens take 24 hours to drop from 250° to 200°.*
Day 1: Initial firing of 800-1000° F is perfect for making Neapolitan style pizza.

Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

Day 2: As the oven starts to cool down from initial firing, it is still hot enough to bake perfect bread and roast a chicken.

Wood-Fired Oven Roasted ChickenBread in a Wood-Fired Brick Oven

Day 3: Surprisingly without firing up the oven, you can still dehydrate fruits, sauté veggies, or even make a slow cooked stew.

Peeled Seckel Pears in a Baking Dish

All of these features combine to make our ovens energy and cost efficient, this is why Four Grand-Mere makes cooking in a wood fired brick oven an amazing experience.
*Heat retention results may vary depending on oven model, initial firing temperature, installation, and seasonal environment.

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