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Sep 26, 2023

Customer Profile – Toppled Turtle Brewing Company and Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen

Customer Profile - Toppled Turtle Brewing Company and Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen


In the heart of Dumas, Texas, a dynamic trio of passionate entrepreneurs has embarked on a culinary journey that has not only delighted the local community but also transformed the way people in their town experience good food and craft beer.

The Toppled Turtle Brewing Company and Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen, founded by Ashleigh and J.L. Wiswell, along with the culinary expertise of Dusty Carlile, are making waves in the world of food and craft beer.

Dusty Carlile, the mastermind behind the mouth watering pizzas at the Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen, describes himself as a “chunky, tatted, bearded guy that really enjoys feeding people. Kind of a less cool Santa.” Ashleigh Wiswell, one half of the power couple behind this venture, introduces herself as a “Jesus-loving, boss babe who loves her community and family.” With such unique personalities at the helm, it’s no wonder their business stands out.

What inspired this trio to venture into the world of food and craft beer? According to Dusty, it was the owners of Toppled Turtle Brewing Company, J.L. and Ashleigh Wiswell, who recognized his passion for cooking and his prior experience in running restaurants and bars. They decided to take a leap of faith and expand their existing business to include a wood oven pizza kitchen. Ashleigh’s motivation stemmed from the desire to share their passion with the community. 

“Our community needed a brewery, and we wanted to share our passion with them,” Ashleigh said. “We needed a quality craft product to complement our craft beer. We wanted our food to reflect our passion to represent artisans.” This inspired the birth of the Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen.

When asked about their favorite aspects of being business owners, Dusty is quick to mention, “Providing an excellent product and great customer service to our community.” Ashleigh, on the other hand, loves the ability to give back to her community in various ways. Their shared commitment to their patrons is evident in every aspect of their business.

Toppled Turtle Brewing Company has been open since September 2020 and they recently opened the Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen in May 23rd, 2023. The journey has been nothing short of remarkable. When asked about their sources of inspiration, Dusty mentions, “God, and hearing the customers that pass through saying this is the best pizza they’ve ever had in their life.” For Ashleigh, it’s about leaving a legacy for future generations.

One can’t discuss a pizzeria without asking about their favorite pizza to make and Dusty said one of their recent creations is his.

“So far, it’s been our Bama Jama,” he said. “It is a pulled pork pizza that blows people’s minds.” It seems that the Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen is all about pushing the boundaries of flavor.

If you’re in Dumas, Texas, and looking for an unforgettable dining experience, make sure to stop by the Toppled Turtle Brewing Company and Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen, located at 124 E 7th St. Their commitment to quality, community, and culinary innovation ensures a memorable visit every time. It’s a slice of success that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

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