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Jul 28, 2022

Customer Profile: The Saucee Sicilian

Customer Profile: The Saucee Sicilian

Gannon and his wife, Angie, started their pizza business journey in 2014. 

Gannon says he was tired of working in the corporate world and having meetings at 4:00pm on Fridays. He wanted to open his own business and take control of his schedule. 

Gannon describes himself as a go getter. “I am creative, competitive, I like to create opportunities for my business and learn new things in the market from industry leaders and from other food truck owners.” 

“I wanted to be my own boss,” Gannon says. He says his inspiration came from his grandmother. He loved being in his grandma’s kitchen growing up, watching her make everything from scratch with love, and how much joy she got when everyone would sit around the table and enjoy her food.

Gannon says he loves being a small business owner. Being able to grow the brand the way they want and watch the way people enjoy the food. He also pays homage to his staff “We also have been blessed with an amazing staff along the way, we have a great team.” 

Gannon says the biggest obstacle he has had to overcome is learning the food industry. He says “I came from a corporate world, I had to learn everything from scratch.” 

However, even though there are challenges. Gannon says he has many things that inspire him. His wife, his team, and his Sauceeheads that come out to eat at his food truck. 

Gannon said he chose to open a food truck first because there was less overhead and took less upfront investment to start than a brick and mortar restaurant. Although, The Saucee Sicilian is opening up a restaurant soon! It will be open at 1807 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City 73106 on September 1st.

Gannon says his favorite pizza is also one of his top sellers: The Tusa. This pizza is infused with chili oil in the marinara to give it a little kick, it also features fresh-shaved Capicola and Sopressata. They use his mom’s homemade Italian sausage and saute the mushrooms before they are cooked on the pizza. 

The Saucee Sicilian Food Truck is located in Oklahoma City and you can check out their social media below for their schedule! 


Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSauceeSicilian

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SauceeSicilian

Instagram: @TheSauceeSicilian


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