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Jun 24, 2022

Customer Profile: John Brill

Customer Profile: John Brill

“It’s all about family, fun, and food,”  Says John Brill about his mobile pizza business. Being a business owner has its up’s and down’s, but It is defiantly a ride worth riding.

John Brill describes himself as an easy going guy, who is passionate about his family and, of course, pizza. 

John spent most of his life in the corporate world. After the pandemic he decided it was time for a change, and he took a chance. He started experimenting with different pizza making methods in a small oven. He tried different sauce recipes, different dough recipes, and different topping combinations. 

He says “I love to cook, I love pizza, and my family and friends love when I make pizza for them.” John would have his friends and family over for pizza nights. However, he told them as a condition for the free pizza they had to be 100% honest with him about the types of pizza and the recipes he used. He eventually perfected his recipes and started doing research on mobile pizza ovens. He decided a pizza trailer would be the best fit for him. And when he met Antoine (owner of The Bread Stone Ovens Co.) they hit the ground running. 

After John and Antoine had ironed out the plans for John’s trailer, it began production. While the mobile oven was being built, John took Antoine’s commercial cooking workshop class to further educate himself on not only making pizzas but on how to run a mobile pizza business. 

John operates a Bread Stone Ovens Porch trailer with a 1200 L oven. This larger oven with its amazing heat retention allows him to cook 8 to 12 pizzas at a time! He catered his first event in May, 2022 and has several more scheduled for June. John has been working at private parties and HOA events in several neighborhoods. He is also doing some events on the books for a brewery coming up, and working with a local business to feed their staff.

When asked what inspires him, John says; “I am inspired by the confidence, love and support of my wife, our kids, family and friends. I want to make them all proud of me and make a small difference in a customer’s day when they order from us, from the initial point of contact with our friendly attitude and the passion to produce the best pizza we can.”

John says the biggest obstacle he had to overcome in his business planning was actually his truck. He had a Crewmax Tundra, but it was not strong enough to tow the trailer with all of the equipment, oven, water and fire wood. John said that he ended up getting a Ram 2500 Diesel. This had everything he needed, and was built to tow a trailer of this length and weight. A bit of advice from John; “make sure you have the right truck before you order the trailer or at least be looking while it’s being built.” 

John says he loves making all types of pizza. But one of his personal favorites is a ranch base, spinach, mushrooms and bacon with a mozzarella/provolone cheese mix and finished off with some parmigiana and extra virgin olive oil. 

If you are wanting to try John’s wood fired pizza he operates around the North Texas area in Oak Point, in the area of Little Elm, Denton, and Frisco. 

JB Wood fired pizza trailer catering

JB making pizza in wood fired oven trailer

margarita pizza with sliced tomatoes

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