700 B - 27" - Brick Oven Kit

Cooking floor is 27"1/2 ( 70 cm ) inside diameter.

You can fit:

1 pizza of 12" or 2 pizza of 10" at a time

Brick Oven Pizza

6 baguettes or 5 bread loaves

Brick Oven BreadBrick Oven BreadBrick Oven BreadBrick Oven BreadBrick Oven BreadBrick Oven Bread

1 large roasting pan

Roasted Turnkey

The Four Grand-Mere 700 B is the smallest of our handcrafted true wood-fired brick ovens. Fulfill your dream of wood-fired cooking with this versatile oven, from Neapolitan pizzas, to breads and casseroles - it can do it all. The small footprint allows for easy installation indoors or outdoors, while taking up minimal space.

The 700 B Raised Option provides a larger opening and dome height, which allows you to put larger items in the oven such as a large turkey or Tajine dish.
If you would like to personalize your oven, we are happy to help with whatever you need.

All of our residential ovens are backed by a 10-Year Warranty.
Kit Includes:
  • Oven Floor & Dome, made of extruded heavy duty 100% natural refractory clay hand-laid bricks, with refractory concrete reinforced with stainless steel fibers for added durability
  • Bricked Entry Arch
  • Dome Thermometer with 16" long probe to read the core temperature
  • Flue Connector with Damper, to control air flow
  • Hinge-Mounted Cast Iron Door with Peephole
  • Insulated Door, which allows you to bake, roast, smoke, and much more
  • Dome Insulation, 3" of non-RCF ceramic fiber blanket on the sides and 5" on top of the dome. Highest quality and safest insulation on the market is also easy to install.
  • Floor Insulation, 4" of calcium silicate; the most durable, compression resistant, high performance and user friendly insulation on the market
  • Assembly Refractory Clay
  • Complete Assembly Instructions with Pictures
  • UL Certification Plate unique to your oven

If you would like to build your own concrete stand, please see the suggested measurements for Concrete Stand For 700 B.

  We also offer other items and services:

  • Metal Stand to support the oven
  • Enclosure to embellish and protect your oven
  • Factory Assembly (Turnkey option)

Click here to see the Technical Data Sheet 700 B

Click here to see the Technical Data Sheet 700 B Raised

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