Commercial Ovens

Professional ovens with professional results.

The Bread Stone Ovens Co. now offers a superior line of wood-fired commercial ovens. With a specially-designed professional oven, add some fire to your business.
Please contact us for pricing and technical information.
The 1350 Standard, 32" wide by 53" deep with 10 square feet of cooking floor.
The 1350 Lateral, 53" wide by 32" deep with 10 square feet of cooking floor. 
The 1500 Long is 37" wide and customized to your requested  to be either 46", 50", 55" and 59". These ovens offer from 9.20 to 17.5 square feet of cooking floor.
The 1500 Lateral is 59" wide by 37" deep with 12.3 square feet of cooking floor.
Our best seller, the Super Pro Series, is built with a special structure to support the arch through it's center.
The SP1200 offers an inner diameter of 47". The cooking floor is 12-square feet, and each floor tile is 5" thick to ensure maximum heat retention.
We also provide trailer mounted wood fired ovens.

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