Our Difference

Wood fired brick oven 950 B gable house Bread stone ovens Not all wood-fired ovens are created equal...

Many ovens look similar, but choosing the right oven makes all the difference. That's why we offer Four Grand-Mere ovens hand-crafted by French master craftsmen. We've tried many ovens, and we believe the Four Grand-Mere ovens are better and more versatile than any other ovens in the market.

  • Over 35 years of excellence
  • Handcrafted low brick dome
  • 25% less wood consumption with 50% more heat retention
  • Crafted with 100% all-natural refractory clay bricks
  • Uniquely versatile oven design


Our 1st Difference: The Floor

Typical ovens use a 1" to 2" brick tile placed directly on the bottom insulation to save money. This technique offers limited thermal mass and therefore, limited cooking capacity and less heat retention.

We take it a step further with one of the only 3-1/4" thick oven floors on the market. We place 1-1/4" baker tiles on a 2" concrete bed to allow greater thermal mass and ensure superior cooking.

Wood Fired Brick Oven Base

The 2nd Difference: Versatility

Historically, ovens were more versatile than modern convection ovens. Of course they were used to bake, but they were also used day in and day out to grill, smoke, and dry food. Our ovens are very good at performing all of these cooking functions.

The 3rd Difference: Superior Building Materials

refractory concrete covered brick
Traditional and modern technology, all in one.

The 4th Difference: The Shape

950 B brick oven diagram
Specially-designed form.

And more...

Our Ovens Will Last for Generations
Our Warranty
Wood Is Economical
Wood for wood fired oven
Certified for Commercial, Residential, Indoor, & Outdoor Use

For your safety and simplicity of installation, all of the Four Grand-Mere wood-fired ovens we offer have been tested and listed to UL 2162-2001, UL 737-2011, ULC-S627-00, and NSF ANSI 4-2007e by OMNI-Test Laboratories.

Report Number: 508-D-01-2 

Please contact us for more details on the list of Four Grand-Mere certified ovens.

Thinking Green

Build Your Own Oven, It's Easy!

Our kits have everything you need to assemble and install your very own wood-fired brick oven.

Each kit includes:

We also offer a Complete Solution package which includes:

If you would like to personalize your oven, we are happy to help with anything you need. Just send us an email at info@breadstoneovens.com, or give us a call at 469-484-4990.