950 B brick oven with brick exterior

Lovin' the oven!!

“I came across Antoine and Bread Stone Ovens while researching wood fired ovens to be the centerpiece of a new outdoor cooking and entertaining space at our house.  From day one Antoine has been there to answer any question or offer advice whether it be pertaining to the construction process, using the oven, or future plans that I might have.  It has been a pleasure working with him.

The oven (950B, raised) itself is of the highest quality craftsmanship.  It has been put through the test on many pizza nights, roasts, breads, etc...and has performed above expectations.  The heat retaining ability is quite amazing as it holds heat for days so I can get many uses out of one firing.  I look forward to it being the centerpiece of many family gatherings for years to come and I would not hesitate to recommend a Four Grand Mere oven to anyone in the market for a wood fired oven." - Joe in Palo Pinto, Texas


"Antoine, I had a party for 50 people this afternoon. I made 20 14 inch pizzas in 90 minutes, 900 degree dome and floor between 750 -and 900 the entire time with a very small amount of wood. Every pie was cooked perfectly, and I will only take half credit.  This is the finest pizza oven I have ever used. I have built 4 ovens, from cob, brick and refractory cement. I have never experienced the even temperature, heat retention, and beauty to look at, inside and out of this oven.  Thank you so much for convincing me.  I would recommend this oven to anyone." - Peter in Ashland, OR


Wood-Fired Oven with Stucco Finish

"The oven has become a venue for some great gatherings. My wife's superb dough recipe along with fresh picked vegetables from our farm provide the perfect ingredients for cooking in the Fours Grand Mere. Thank you for all your help getting us through construction as well as those tips on perfecting the perfect pizza crust.” -Jim in Tampa, FL

"I wanted to thank you because the oven that you sold me was of the highest standard of quality and your customer service was amazing by helping me with all of my questions.

I was hesitant making such a large purchase for such a small company as mine over the internet ...  I was so happy to find out you existed and you have the same outstanding desire to support and assist your customers. 

 When I called you last week and you advised me to cut my wood into smaller chunks made all the difference in the world.  The fire and oven worked flawlessly.  It was a 160 person wedding reception that wanted wood fired pizzas for their main food. I initially built the fire in the center of the oven, I then moved it to the right side to preheat the base.  I then banked it on the right hand side for the remainder of the event. I was able to keep up until the very end when I was making them and they were eating them as fast as I could make them.  I have several graduation open houses booked and a local golf course wants me to be a station at a 3000 person event they are holding over several days.  

The purchase of the 1030 C oven has been an outstanding decision for me. My catering company has grown probably 50% just adding the mobile pizza trailer to my options. At this rate I will have all of my expenses recouped this year already!" -Cyril of Cyril Catering in Fremont, MI


Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in Outdoor Kitchen

"I have had a passion for pizza  for many years.  Since I realized my favorite style of pizza comes out of a wood fired oven, it has been a long term goal for me to own one.  I finally decided to make my dream a reality and set out to research the best wood fired oven I could find for the money.  After quite a bit of research, I began to notice some very positive reviews of the Four Grand Mere ovens while reading the forums on pizzamaking.com.  More importantly, the reviews were also very positive for the company that sells them, breadstoneovens.com and specifically the owner, Antoine Cantarel.

I started corresponding with Antoine and quickly realized he is just as passionate about the subject as I am.  It also became clear that Antoine’s great reputation was well deserved.  He was very helpful guiding me to the oven that would best suit my needs.  Furthermore, he was always available, both before and after the purchase, to answer my many questions.  I can’t think of another purchase I’ve made where I’ve had such great support.

As for the oven itself, it is fantastic and it has ignited my passion (pun intended) for cooking.  So far, I’ve cooked pizzas, roasts, and bread and they’ve all been fantastic.  The oven retains heat really well, so I can use it for a couple of days each time I heat it.  If you are in the market for a wood fired oven, check out the Four Grand Mere brand…you will love it!" -Bob K. in Colorado


"Our California made oven needed to be replace after only a couple of winters. We decided to replace it with your 950C. What a difference in quality, the oven is very heavy duty and of much better construction, I should have made it my first purchase. We have been able to cook year around and it is now part of our life style. Thank you for all of the advices and guiding me to select the right oven, best of luck to Bread Stone Ovens." -R. J. in Maine


"After much research on the internet we felt Bread Stone Ovens offered the best value and Antoine superior customer service was a deciding factor. The oven arrived only 3 days after placing the order. The same day my husband and son had it installed and our first fire was burning. Who knew it would be that simple. The oven has been staying hot for well over 2 days and we have been amazed how much we have been able to cook with just one fire. From pizza, to pies, to roast, to stews, never my cooking has tasted so good." -Richard in NY


"I really do enjoy the oven and couldn't be happier that I bought it :)

The oven is magical! I have it for 6 months now and used it over the winter in Canada! Every time, food turned out fantastic and the amount of wood needed to cook enough food (pizzas, roasts, breads, etc) for 30+ people is minimal.  This has to be the most cost effective way to cook for and to wow a crowd!  The oven is easy to clean and maintain too.

I am looking forward to getting more use out of it this summer.

Cheers" -William in North Vancouver, British Columbia