About Antoine Cantarel & The Bread Stone Ovens Company

For Antoine Cantarel, founder of The Bread Stone Ovens Company, cooking in a wood-fired oven is a passion. Fueled by a long family tradition, and his love for excellent food, this ancient way of cooking has been passed through generations of the Cantarel family since 1815.

As a traditionally trained chef and international food industry professional, Antoine realized early on the advantages of true wood-fired brick oven cooking. As compared to convection ovens, wood-fired ovens enhance the flavor and retain nutrients in the food by cooking faster and over an open flame. When the flame is lessened, the interior heat is retained and can cook the same variety of foods that would be cooked in a convection oven.

At Bread Stone Ovens, our products are designed to be extremely versatile. All of our ovens are handcrafted by traditional artisans, using 100% all natural refractory clay bricks. Using a low dome design, we ensure low wood consumption and superior cooking results every time. Our ovens bake a fantastic pizza of course, but wood-fired brick ovens speed cooking times by attaining a higher range of temperatures than other ovens. Our ovens also retain their heat, allowing you up to 5 days of cooking with a single initial firing.

When you purchase one of our ovens, we believe you too will discover the culinary delight and passion for wood fired cooking.

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