Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit

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Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit
  • Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit
  • Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit
  • Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit
  • Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit
  • Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit
  • Neapolitan Pizza Oven Kit

The Neapolitan Pizza Oven Complete Solution.


The Neapolitan is the perfect indoor, or back yard pizza oven. Even being a smaller oven, it allows for an easy installation yet allows to cook fantastic Neapolitan style pizza with that wood fired flavor we love. 

It can fit up to 2 10” pizza’s at a time, and is versatile as well to make different small dishes. 

It is an oven that can be personalized to your taste, whether you are building it yourself or you’d like us to complete the outside finish, the sky’s the limit on how you can customize it. Popular finishes for this oven are with our stucco exterior made to last through the toughest hot or cold weather. 


Our kit includes:

  • The floor of the oven, made of refractory concrete reinforced with stainless steel fibers. That can handle over 2400F of temperature and are extremely durable
  • Refractory concrete dome reinforced with stainless steel fibers
  • Arch Way
  • Dome Thermometer with 16" long probe to read the core temperature
  • Flue Connector with damper
  • Hinge mounted cast iron door with a peep hole
  • Insulated Door. A unique feature that allows you to cook with a closed door while retaining all the heat and steam.
  • Dome Insulation, our ovens come standard with 3" ceramic fiber blanket on the side and 5" above the dome. It is the highest and safest insulation available on the market and is quick and easy to install
  • Floor insulation, 4" of calcium silicate. It is the most durable, compression resistant, high performance and user friendly insulation on the market
  • Assembly Refractory Clay
  • Complete Assembly Instruction with Pictures.
  • UL Certification Plate unique to your oven


Click here to download the Neapolitan Pizza Oven Data Sheet


Don't forget to add the Stand, specially made by our Master Welder by selecting the Stand option on either of the packages.

The Stand is specially made by our local Artisan Master Welder to support the Neapolitan oven.

We also offer other items and service to go with the oven:

       The Metal Stand to support the oven

       The Enclosure to embellish and protect you oven

       Factory assembly

For maximum durability the stand is powder coated with 2 coats. The first one is a zing coating, the second one a black paint coating and both are baked on. This will ensure the stand can be exposed to the element without rusting.

For your safety, the stand is designed to be securely bolted to a concrete slab.

If you would like the stucco oven finish, the lead time is 3 weeks for us to make it. The gable house copper finish is 3 to 5 weeks. Once it leaves our warehouse it takes about 5 business days to arrive to you.

If you would like to personalize your oven, we will be happy to sell you just what you need.
Our ovens our backed by a 3 year warranty.
For further questions or inquiries please give us a call at 469-484-4990 or email us at



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