Smore Pizza

June 30, 2020

Wood Fired Smore Pizza

For this blog I wanted to make a Smore pizza because I find it tasty. Watch the video to know how to make a Smore pizza using a  wood fired brick oven  and you can add as much marshmallows and nutella as you want!   


  •  1 cup of mini marshmallow
  • 1/4 cup of nutella 
  •  1 pizza dough ball 250g
  1.  fire oven to 700 fahrenheit
  2. stretch dough to 12 inch diameter
  3. spread nutella on half the dough keeping 1 inch edge
  4. cover nutella with marshmallow
  5. fold dough in half like calzone
  6. seal the edge by pressing it down
  7. cook to 4-5 mins at 650-700 fahrenheit or until nicely colored
  8. enjoy




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