Quiche in the Wood Fired Brick Oven

by Antoine Cantarel on April 21, 2020

As we are all stuck at home in confinement / quarantine due to the Covid-19, we may as well make the best of it. Quiche is my favorite dish to make when working with leftover ham, vegetables and random cheese.


- 1 pie dough

- 4 eggs

- 1 cup of 250 ml of heavy cream ( can substitute the heavy cream for 4 more eggs )

- 1 cup of 250 ml of milk

- Salt to taste

- Black pepper to taste 

- any left overs such as ham, tomatoes, broccoli and cheeses

We used:

- 1/4 cup of ham diced

- 1/2 cup of cut grape tomatoes

- 1 cup of mixed Gruyere and Parmesan



  1. Roll out the dough and place it in the pie dish
  2. Place the ham and tomatoes on top of the crust
  3. In a bowl, crack the 4 eggs and bit with a whisk. Add the salt and pepper
  4. Whisk in the milk and cream
  5. Pour the mix in to the pie dish
  6. Bake at 400 F for 45 minutes to 1 hour

Bon appétit,


Antoine and Zachary


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