Prepping Onions In Your Wood Fired Oven

by Tatiana Kirkland on June 03, 2022

To make the most of your oven, while firing it up, use the big roaring flame to caramelize onions or roast peppers in a cast iron pan.

The high heat will help develop the subtle flavor of any vegetables and the fast cooking will help keep them moist.

While the oven is heating up to pizza cooking temperatures, save time by prepping your vegetables and meats in the open flame. 


Today we prepped onions.

Start by cutting the ends off both sides on the onions and peeling the outer layer of skin. 

Then cut your onions in half against the grain of the onions.

Slice thinly and place in a cast iron pan with olive oil on the bottom. 

Add more olive oil on top, then place in the middle of your oven for about 10-15 minutes. 

Stir every 5 minutes.

And then you are done! Perfectly caramelized onions to use on your pizza or in other recipes. 



Try cooking chicken, sausage links, bell peppers, or just about anything you could think of! 

 Raw onions in cast iron pan


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