Customer Profile: Dennis Mcquinn

by Tatiana Kirkland on June 03, 2022


“I feel I am not like some of my fellow pizza makers. I like simplicity. I enjoy a good Thin Crust Pepperoni.” - Dennis Mcquinn 


Living out in Irving, Texas.  Dennis Mcquinn started his pizza making journey by working at several different pizza chain restaurants. Dennis has always enjoyed making pizza. He said “I started toying around the house designing and tweaking recipes and decided I wanted my own shop.” 

Dennis began toying with the idea of opening his own shop. 

In 2003 Dennis Mcquinn moved his family to Comanche, Oklahoma and opened his first Pizza Restaurant. He says, “I started seeing Facebook posts of Siler Chapman on his wood fired trailer and started asking him questions about the catering side and I got "the bug". I wanted to create an experience for people.” 

Dennis Mcquinn has now been in the pizza making industry for over 30 years. He owns two Brick and Mortar restaurants and 2 wood fired oven trailers. 

His most recent trailer he got from Antoine at The Bread Stone Ovens Company. He has named it Artisan Fired: Next Level Pizza.  

He says his inspiration behind his success is simple, “I enjoy taking simple ingredients and creating a delicious meal.”


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