Chicken and Ranch Wood Fired Pizza

by Tatiana Kirkland on May 26, 2022


This is an unconventional take on traditional wood fired pizza.

The recipe is quite simple yet delicious! 

Ingredient List for one 12" Pizza: 

You will need:

- One 250 gram (8.5 oz) dough ball

- Approximately 1 oz of bacon

- 2 oz of cooked chicken breast 

- A 16 oz package of sour cream

- A 1 oz package of ranch dressing powder 

- 1 medium Jalapeno 

- 2 oz of fresh grated parmasan 



Mix 16 oz of sour cream with a pack of Ranch Dressing powder.

Dress the pizza with ranch dressing sour cream.

Cut Chicken in small pieces to put on top of the pizza. Add the bacon and then add the jalapeños if desired. Cover with parmesan.

Cook in your wood fired oven at 800 F. Take out of the oven, let it cool off for 30 seconds.



Chicken and Ranch Wood Fired Pizza


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