Oven Searing

by Antoine Cantarel on July 30, 2013

We are very proud to share this blog from Ideas in Food from Chef Alex Talbot who has been making the most of his 950 Bricked Raised wood fired oven.

His latest blog Oven Searing makes the most of the oven searing and grilling abbility:

"Our brick oven gets hot. The Maillard reaction happens quickly in this environment. The heat is great for roasting onions and making pizzas. It is also a veritable furnace, perfect for searing meat. We use a Tuscan Grill in our oven. We also wear hearth gloves while turning the meat. The fat from the meat drips and vaporizes when it hits the oven floor. These aromas blend with the burning wood and season the outside of the meat.  Searing in the oven is efficient and functional producing flavorful results."




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