Wood Fired Pizza Sauce

July 31, 2015

Wood-Fired Pizza Sauce Recipe

Wood-Fired Pizza Sauce Ingredients

 Here at The Bread Stone Ovens Co, we like to keep it simple. The best sauce is often the most simple one.


In a large bowl mix:

- 1 can of peel tomatoes

- 1 can of tomato paste

- 1 tea spoon of sea salt

- 1 tea spoon of fresh crushed pepper

- 1 hand full of fresh basil leaves

Blend with an immersion blender

Making pizza sauce with immersion blender

Saucing pizza tip: By using a flat bottom ladle to pour a small amount of sauce,  start at the middle of the pizza, and spread the sauce by moving the ladle in circular, outward motion. Once your pizza is covered, you are ready for your toppings! 

yields approximately 10 personal size pizza.

Feel free to get creative, and add extra ingredients for flavoring such as minced garlic, minced onion, or parmesan. 

Bon Apétit

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